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At Pratt Physical Therapy, we offer a wide range of services not found at other clinics.

Manual Therapy

A hands-on approach to treatment utilizing tools and techniques to deliver soft tissue mobilization and pain reduction.

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Physical Therapy

​​Pratt Physical Therapy is dedicated to preventative medicine and the health of individuals. Our innovative facility combines the restoration of bodily function by utilizing rehabilitation methods and wellness programs for an overall healthier approach to living.

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Wellness Program

Our health and wellness program is designed to keep members active. Previous patients and their family members are given a tailored exercise program according to each individual's needs.

  • Initial Consultation Fee: $50.00
  • Monthly Membership Rates: $35.00
  • Progression Fee: $35.00

Walk-In Clinic

Previous patients are welcome to return for a “tune-up” to prevent re-injury, and newcomers are welcome to explore benefits of manual therapies and modalities to help with minor aches and pains. This self-pay system is designed for quick treatments to allow for immediate relief and return to lifestyle.

Disclaimer: If therapist feels condition warrants physician referral, treatment may be deferred.

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