Maintenance Therapy

We offer a variety of “step-down” plans for patients transitioning to self-management techniques of their current condition. These patients benefit from periodic follow up visits and are able to maintain their condition with our maintenance therapy program.
Often, we are able to recover from an injury ~90-95% with skilled physical therapy intervention, and time tends to allow us to recover the remaining 5-10%. It is difficult to maintain that high recovery rate following discharge from therapy if it is too soon. Instead of ultimately ending up at 100% of recovery, some patients may backslide due to over-eagerness to become better and forget to continue with their home exercise plan as advised, or worse, end up with a re-injury. If the patient has already been discharged from therapy, the patient may decide it is too much trouble to report these ongoing deficits to their doctor and unwilling to get a new prescription to come back to therapy. This could cause them to end up with a problem they “just deal with.” Our maintenance plan is designed to reduce the reinjury rate and allow for full restoration of functioning prior to discharge from therapy.

Multiple conditions may benefit from this type of plan (including but not limited to):

  • Post-surgical patients with mild remaining deficits
  • MVA or acute injuries with mild remaining pain
  • Chronic pain management
  • Other chronic ongoing conditions (ie. chronic lymphedema)

Your therapist will determine if you are a good candidate for a step-down plan or if you can transition to a maintenance program after completion of your recommended plan of care.

Our maintenance plans are intended for patients who have currently reached a stable and manageable place in their rehab process but continue to require monitoring due to the nature of their condition. Patients who require intermittent treatment for enhanced success of optimal long-term functioning and re-injury prevention benefit from maintenance therapy.

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